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Naomi is a Japanese American writer-director born and raised in Los Angeles. She most recently wrote on Lena Waithe’s upcoming half hour dramedy, Twenties. Prior to writing for Twenties she worked as a writer on Damon Wayans Jr.’s CBS sitcom, Happy Together. Naomi holds an MFA from the USC and has written for LA Weekly and Los Angeles Magazine. Her film, Lost & Found, was included in Women Behind the Lens at Paramount Studios and Ryan Murphy’s Director showcase. Her script Rice, Fish, and La Croix won multiple awards including the Cinestory TV fellowship and was the first pilot selected to go through the Outfest Screenwriting Lab in 21 years. She is an alumni of the CBS Writers Program and Ryan Murphy’s HALF Director’s Program. The daughter of a sushi chef, she loves a good slice of fish and probably has mercury poisoning. Her parents are totally okay with her being a filmmaker. Just kidding. They think she’s in her 10th year of law school.